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Although rings have been around for thousands of years, men’s wedding rings have a shorter history, and unlike rings for women, a wedding wasn’t the primary purpose for men’s rings. As a piece of jewellery, rings have been symbols of wealth, status, membership or achievement, and have a rich history in their various styles. DiamondsByMe is proud to continue these traditions with you, especially when it comes to the importance of men’s wedding rings.

While brides have always shown their status with a ring of some kind, it’s a relatively recent tradition for the gift to be reciprocated. Something similar to the concept of a men’s wedding ring was the gimmel ring of the 16th and 17th centuries. It consisted of two interlocking bands, and one would be worn by both partners upon their engagement. What’s amazing is that this near-ancient style has lasted and is popular today; check out our stunning collection of men’s wedding rings.

DiamondsByMe is there to cater to every taste, trend and type. Using our exclusive design tool, you can choose the colour of metal and any stones and instantly see how your choices will look on your finished men’s wedding ring. All of our wedding rings come in pairs to symbolize your bond; you’ll always have a piece of each other with you.

Men’s wedding rings have traditionally been plain and solid, so naturally, the band takes centre stage. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t express your personality and incorporate our luxurious, modern features. All the men's wedding rings are available in the standard gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum metals, you can even choose whether you want the rings in 9 crt, 14 crt or 18 crt gold.

While we have many classic, rounded and polished styles, increasingly popular is brushed metal, for a matte look. Pair this with a squared-off band for an industrial feel. Or channel the traditional gimmel ring, from the days of early men’s wedding bands, with a twisted double band in two-tone metal. This is also a subtle way to symbolize you and your partner’s shared bond.

Men’s diamond wedding bands

While diamonds are ever-associated with women’s rings, we think men’s diamond wedding bands look striking and statuesque as well, especially when given for such an important occasion. Incorporate other design elements, such as engraving and overlapping bands with suspended stones; or keep it simple with a central setting or pave style.

An individual and exciting way to personalize your ring is with a non-traditional coloured stone. DiamondsByMe has a range of gems to choose from, and you can compare a whole collection with your choice, instantly seeing how all our designs will look; or view a wedding band more closely and adjust to your preferences. The men’s black wedding bands style can be achieved with black diamonds. They’re deep, rich and mysterious, providing the perfect complement to the strength of a men’s wedding band.

Men’s diamond rings

Some of our favourite pieces in our collection are men’s diamond rings. There’s something luxurious and classic about adding these subtle elements of brilliance to the strength of a men’s ring. We love the Remco and Irwin styles, with their grooves and notches, and tiny, inlaid, uniform diamonds. Or take a more opulent style of men’s diamond ring, as with the Jonathan’s raised central diamond setting, thick shoulders and engraved band.