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The versatile stud earring has been worn for centuries and is still the most popular choice for both men and women, with a huge range of styles helping you to complete outfits suitable for the office, casualwear or an impressive evening look. With such variation in styles, stud earrings are suitable for any budget and make the perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions. DiamondsByMe offer a wide selection of beautiful designs, which can be customized and formed from white gold, gold, rose gold or platinum, depending on your budget and preferences.

From subtle sterling stud earrings perfect for setting off a professional business outfit to extravagant, larger diamond-set designs ensuring a showstopping overall look, the possibilities are endless. By investing in a pair of beautiful stud earrings made from a precious metal, you can be sure you will receive a piece of jewellery you can wear as often as you want, with very little wear and tear. Our stud earrings also help to protect even the most sensitive skin types, featuring prestigious, hypoallergenic materials like platinum which wouldn’t be used in budget high street shops.

Exclusive Diamond Stud Earrings for any Occasion

A pair of diamond stud earrings should feature in every woman’s jewellery collection. Classic and demure, diamond solitaire stud earrings can add an exclusive touch to any outfit, sparkling against your ear lobe and drawing attention to your face. From three-prong diamond stud earrings to heart-shaped bezel studs, DiamondsByMe have styles to suit every generation and taste.

Proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we guarantee that all the diamonds and precious metals we hold have been ethically sourced from reputable areas. As well as classic styles, we feature intricately detailed diamond half hoop studs and elaborate, modern designs, sure to help you stand out on any occasion.

Beautifully Unique Gold Stud Earrings

For an extra special pair of earrings you can wear daily, opt for gold stud earrings. Available in simple, plain metal designs, two-tone gold patterns or beautiful gemstone-set styles, DiamondsByMe have gold stud earrings to suit every type of wearer. You have the freedom to create gold stud earrings in either yellow, white or rose gold, forming the traditional or on-trend look that you desire.

Plain gold ball studs and tri-colour knot designs are perfect for every day wear, with the metal colour complementing a wide range of complexions whereas our studs with detailed drop designs are an excellent choice for a special occasion, remaining comfortable to wear whilst offering an impressive finish.

White gold Stud Earrings for Everyday Wear

The most beautiful of our precious metals, white gold stud earrings are an affordable choice, still available in a range of beautiful styles. Remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can create an impressive and long-lasting gift to suit any budget. Leave plain or set with diamonds or other gemstones for a personal, unique pair of white gold stud earrings tailor-made for you.

The fresh, white glisten of white gold allows for a modern, on-trend look, becoming the perfect choice for simple or extravagant earrings you plan to wear frequently.

Colourful Gemstone Stud Earrings

To help express your personality or give an extra thoughtful gift, gemstone stud earrings offer a range of possibilities. Perfect for Mother’s Day and birthdays, you may like to use your recipient’s birthstone for added exclusivity. Each of the gemstones we use can be set on any precious metal, allowing you to create a beautiful contrasting look which will enable the natural beauty of your gemstone to shine through.

The birthstone for May and a beautifully unique stone, emerald stud earrings work well when set in a white, rose or yellow precious metal. Massively on-trend and complementing outfits of any colour, emerald stud earrings can be gifted to add an impressive, vintage element to any look.

Custom-made Stud Earrings for Men

Our stud earrings aren’t just for women, as a popular choice for men we have both masculine and unisex styles for freedom of choice. Each of our stunning stud designs can be bought singularly or as a pair, enabling you to select the perfect stud earrings for men. We don’t hold stock of any of our jewellery and each purchase is custom-made to order, allowing you the option to make subtle changes at very little cost.

If you have stud earrings for men in mind that you can’t see in our collection, our bespoke service allows you create a truly unique design at a highly affordable price. Based on a style you like, incorporating an older piece of jewellery or creating a completely fresh style, DiamondsByMe will work with you, ensuring you receive a unique piece of jewellery you won’t find anywhere else.