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Rubies vary from pink to a deep red and are often thought to be linked with love and happiness, making them the perfect choice for a unique engagement ring. One of the rarest gemstones in the world, a ruby ring is the ideal gift to symbolize your love and affection, whilst creating an exclusive look, suiting a range of skin tones and complementing everyday wear. If your bride would suit a vintage style or you’d like to add a splash of colour to your choice, engagement rings with ruby are both symbolic and classic and available to be set in silver, gold in three colours or platinum, allowing you to create an exclusive look whilst sticking to your budget.

White gold ruby engagement rings

One of our personal favourite combinations, is white gold set with a gorgeous red ruby. The warm tone of the ruby contrasts beautifully with the cool tone of white gold.

The white gold you know does not have this colour tone by itself. The colour tone is achieved by adding a layer of rhodium. In time, this rhodium layer will wear off, which is completely natural. But know we can always add a new layer of rhodium, and make your white gold ruby engagement ring shine as beautifully as on the day you gave it to your fiancée.

Rose gold engagement rings with ruby

If your loved one’s taste directs you to a warmer colour tone, then perhaps you should think of a rose gold ruby engagement ring. Rose gold has become increasingly popular these last years, and the warm tone of the rose gold will enhance the red of the ruby even more. Especially when combined with a white gold accent in the setting, or with a row of diamond side stones.

Next to the colour of the precious metal, you also have your choice of ruby shapes. Having trouble choosing the right shape? Then let us help you by describing our most popular stone cuts for ruby engagement rings.

The best stone shapes for ruby engagement rings

At DiamondsByMe we love the ruby, the stone signifying love. Combined with our most popular stone cut - the round or brilliant cut ruby - you will be sure that your wedding proposal will be a huge success. When set high in a ring like for instance the Valorie 2 or the Jeanne 2, the round ruby engagement ring will sparkle at its best.

Another popular stone shape, is the oval ruby. Especially when surrounded with one or more rows of diamond side stones. Check for instance our white gold engagement rings with oval ruby. The combination of warm and cool colours and the designs are sure to set your loved one’s heart aflame.

An then of course there is the heart shaped ruby. The heart shape, combined with the rubies red colour of love, is a stunning combination, and deeply symbolic for this special occasion. With an engagement ring with a heart ruby, your partner will not be able to say anything but YES!

Of course we also offer various other stone shapes for our ruby engagement rings. Simply define your search by choosing the stone shape at the top of this page, to make your search even more easy.

Your personal ruby engagement ring

DiamondsByMe have a wide range of beautiful engagement rings with ruby, ready for you to personalize and amend to create an individual piece of jewellery, perfect for your bride-to-be. As one of the most expensive precious stones in the world, the ruby is traditionally linked to royalty, making it the ideal choice for a bride who would like a classic style that is a little more unusual. As well as choosing to set a ruby in any of our gorgeous engagement ring base designs, you can also select any precious metals and other stones featured, allowing you to retain full control over the overall price.

Each of our engagement rings with ruby are made to order, allowing you the further option for additional tweaks for a truly one-off feel. However, if you’d prefer DiamondsByMe also offer a bespoke engagement ring service, in which are highly experienced team of jewellers will work with you to create an entirely new ruby ring you won’t find anywhere else, at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Each of our ruby rings can be modified, adding diamonds or other precious stones for a truly bespoke feel. As certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, DiamondsByMe only obtain our diamonds and precious metals from reputable sources, ensuring added peace of mind and the highest quality materials. Next to that, we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty program, ensuring you that your ruby engagement ring will last a lifetime.