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    If you and your partner are about to take the plunge and exchange vows, then of course you will want a pair of wedding rings that will last a lifetime. Wedding rings that symbolize the love you have for each other, but that also fit your personal styles. Here at DiamondsByMe not only do we offer a wide variety of wedding rings, but each ring can be personalized to match your tastes.

    Opt for a gorgeous set of memoire wedding rings, to remember your special day by, and select the colours of your metals. Because memoire rings are set with a full row of gemstones, you can select the stone of your choice as well.

    Design your own custom memoire wedding ring . Choose your preferred metal, precious stones and more – or create your own from scratch

    Cherish precious memories with a memoire wedding ring (also known as an eternity or infinity ring). The name says it all. Memoire means memory. So a memoire wedding ring will add that personal touch to your special day. Something you will remember the rest of your life, simply by glancing at your wedding ring.

    As weddings become more personal and unique occasions, modern couples want wedding rings that reflect their individuality too. Memoire wedding rings are the most personal and current ring style of the moment.

    Eternity memoire wedding rings

    With a stone to represent each memory, a memoire wedding ring holds more significance than any other style. A heartfelt and elegant way to keep precious moments close. Encased in a ring, each precious stone is an extraordinary memorial to the special moments that you want to treasure. Add more precious stones to your design as you grow together.

    From anniversaries to births and wonderful occasions, mark each event with another diamond in your ring. A reminder of all your best times together, a memoire ring is a wonderful investment piece that will grow with you. Eternity wedding rings features a row of precious stones to symbolize your eternal love. Available already full or with space to add further gems in the future, this is a stunning, intimate wedding ring.

    Our spectacular collection of memoire wedding rings features single, double or multiple rows of precious stones. Whether you choose alternating colours, an ornate metal setting, or classic diamonds, the precious stones must be the same size, creating dazzling rows of jewels.

    At DiamondsByMe, we have a wide range of intricate and unique designs in our collection of memoire wedding rings for you to choose from. And each design can be personalized as well.

    Custom Memoire wedding rings

    Customize your memoire ring with your preferred precious stones, set in the finest metal of your choice. From beautiful coloured gemstones in every size, to designs that twist, twirl and intertwine, we have a dazzling memoire ring to suit every style. Memoire wedding rings look good in any precious metal. See your customized ring on screen as you try different metals. We have platinum, gold and white gold settings, precious stones in every colour and size, as well as many other options.

    If you want your memoire wedding rings to have that extra special touch, then why not add a fingerprint of your partner? That way you will have him or her close by at all times.

    Fingerprint wedding bands

    The latest trend in wedding bands, is adding a fingerprint or a heartbeat. The perfect option for those who want a personal memoire wedding ring without stones, memorial fingerprint wedding bands are a great, cost-effective way of holding on to the memory of your special someone for a lifetime.

    If you do decide that you would like to add a selection of side stones to your fingerprint wedding band, at DiamondsByMe we have plenty of different designs in our collection of fingerprint wedding bands for men and women. Etched with a fingerprint instead of a precious centre stone, you may decide to keep the rest of the ring plain or add a discreet selection of precious side stones.

    Fingerprint wedding bands for men and women are the newest way to create the most sentimental rings in our collection. With the memory of your special someone always present, transport yourself back to their touch whenever you graze their fingerprint ring engraving.

    Distinguish yourselves from the crowd with this modern symbol of your everlasting love for each other, and create your bespoke memoire wedding band for men or women today.