Design your 2-tone ±0.24 in amethyst set ladies wedding ring WH2238L2
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Wedding ring WH2238L2 925 silver amethyst ±0.24x0.09in
Image of Wedding ring WH2238L2 925 silver amethyst ±0.24x0.09in
Image of Wedding ring WH2238L2 925 silver amethyst ±0.24x0.09in
Image of Wedding ring WH2238L2 925 silver amethyst ±0.24x0.09in

Wedding ring WH2238L2
925 silver ±0.24x0.09in

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Specifications of Wedding ring WH2238L2 925 silver amethyst ±0.24x0.09in
has shipping costs
has shipping costs 1
num stone groups
num stone groups 1
multiple size available
multiple size available 0
animation videos
animation videos WH2238L2/RINGS/M0/WH2238L2-RINGS-0.A.B.C-SQR-M0 WH2238L2/RINGS/M1/WH2238L2-RINGS-0.A.B.C-SQR-M1
work drawing
cleaning set
cleaning set 2000000027807
gift box
gift box 2000000027319:0-1 2000000027326:0-400 2000000027333:1-1 2000000027340:1-500
stone size
stone size 2 mm
style modern exclusive fantasy fashionable
type wedding ring
sort elegant edgy
stone shape
stone shape princess
metal material
metal material silver
stone material
stone material amethyst
title part 1
title part 1 Wedding ring WH2238L2
title part 2
title part 2 925 silver ±0.24x0.09in
title part 3
title part 3 Amethyst
ring-width ±0.24 in
thick 0.09in
gender ladies
price-class exclusive
profile court profile
breadcrumb category
breadcrumb category zilver
breadcrumb sub category
breadcrumb sub category amethist
pricerange 0-500
product name
product name wh2238l2
What will you get?

Next to a lovely piece of jewelry crafted by our goldsmiths, you will receive the following information:

  • Official certificate of authenticity with the specifics of your ordered jewellery
  • A GIA, HRD or IGI certificate with diamonds of 0,3 crt and heavier
  • A matching luxury box of your choice. Select your choice when placing an order.
  • A polishing cloth to keep your jewellery nice and shiny

In addition you will get:

  • A refund entitlement within 60 days after you receive your order
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complimentary engraving at the inside of the rings



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